Nisrine Sarkis is a Beirut based graphic designer who has been strolling in the field for 12 years now, thinking and re-thinking design in a visually cluttered city. She holds a masters in Graphic Design from USEK’s Faculty of Arts. From 2007 and till 2016, she worked at WonderEight, Global Branding and Interactive Agency, where she handled a wide range of projects from branding, to advertising and online implementations.

Since 2016, Nisrine Sarkis works as a freelance designer, taking on challenging projects that include concept creation and implementation for visual identities, publications and packaging.

Driven by her passion for words and semantics, Nisrine specializes in typography and lettering. She earned 2 type design certificates from type@paris in 2015 and ATDB in 2016. Also in 2016, she joined the LAU faculty to teach the Type I, II, and III courses. In her free time, she likes to explores the realm of drawing letters in the hopes of reaching out to people through the power of words.
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